Seasonal Allergies

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Standard Treatment

What causes seasonal allergies in some individuals and not in others? When it comes to outdoor allergies an important question that has to be asked is, are your outdoor allergies actually due to the plants outside and their pollen? I take care of many people that suffered with allergies throughout their lifetime. Many of them have been to several different allergists. The doctor would performed some type of exposure test to narrow down the weeds, trees, dust, dander, etc that their body could be reacting to. Then the patient is told that they are allergic to XYZ and given some type of allergy medication or allergy shot routine.

Once that medication and treatment is established, no more thought is really applied to the situation. Individuals will go on with their lives suffering and taking those medication or receiving shots as needed to treat their symptoms. Here is the problem, the true ROOT cause of their allergy symptoms aren’t because of the outdoor environment. The response caused by the body’s internal environment. This is contrary to everything we have know and have experienced, so bare with us here.

Variation in Allergy Response

If we did an experiment with 10 people and expose each of them to the same outdoor pollen, weeds, dander in the environment. Then let’s say three of those people experience allergy symptoms and the other seven didn’t. What that concludes is that if seven people didn’t show allergy symptoms in the same environment as those who did show symptoms then clearly it’s not the outdoor environment. The response is actually each individuals ability to adapt to their environment. In other words, your immune systems bucket is full, because it is full it doesn’t take much more allergen exposure to make you overflow and produce symptoms.

The Takeaway

Nearly 80 percent of your cells that make up your immune system are found in your gut. If you have outdoor allergies than it is essential that you test your gut to get to the root cause of why your immune system is so volatile. Want to know why your immune system is struggling to adapt to your environment? I run specific, detailed testing for your gut to verify the health and function of your microbiome. Once I have these results we work together to support the healing of your immune system, which ultimately improves the response to outdoor allergens.

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