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I’ve never loved going to regular doctors. They just prescribe you medication without ever telling you why what’s happening is happening. I found Dr. Gunyan on Instagram and reached out. We scheduled a consultation and went from there. I had gained weight and nothing I could do to lose it. We had a really good consultation, he was easy to talk to and listened. He ran some tests, found out the problems, and we got to work. It’s been about 4 months and I am seeing lots of progress and feeling really good. I can never go back to a “regular” doctor again. What Dr. Gunyan says about health jives with me and makes perfect sense. I would recommend him to anyone.

Laura M.

Dr. Gunyan gets right to the point, finds the underlying cause of your health problem and what your body needs to heal, in a natural way. Amazing.

Trista P

Dr. Gunyan is amazing! He is so thorough and is a genuinely caring person. With his work and the team behind him, my symptoms and overall quality of life have improved immensely. I recommend him to everyone and will continue to do so.

Sarah D.

My wife, three children, and I have been seeing Dr. Ryan. One of the best men you'll meet and an incredible doctor. Our whole family has benefited greatly from his advice and care.

Nathan P.

For years I have suffered with migraines, headaches, bloating, upset stomach, which I always thought may have been IBS, and really bad anxiety. This past summer my anxiety took a turn for the worst, not just anxiety, but also fear. I felt like I had gone down a rabbit hole, and couldn't pull myself out. This was a turning point for me, I always considered myself as a high functioning anxious person, but when I couldn't even get out of bed or go anywhere, I knew something wasn't right. I used to be able to calm myself, and now I couldn't. I spoke with my pcp about some of my struggles, and even questioned checking my hormones, feeling like something wasn't right. She was quick to say that wasn't a problem, and I needed some anti-anxiety/depression meds to help with the anxiety, and to focus on a less fatty diet. Reluctantly I started taking the anti-anxiety meds, but also knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I knew if I couldn't take care of myself, how could I take care of my kids, and family. Also, recognizing some of these same anxious traits in my son, I knew if I didn't figure out a way to help myself, how could I help him as he grows up. My family referred me to Dr.Gunyan. After the extensive testing we did (hormones included), he figured out not only what was wrong with my gut, but that I have some adrenal and liver insufficiency. I love how we got to the root causes of these problems, and the natural approach he guides you through to to heal, rather than throwing more pharmaceuticals at the problems. Only 4 months into my journey, and I'm already off the anti-anxiety meds, and feeling more calm within myself than I ever have in my life. Dr. Gunyan is extremely kind, caring, always listens and genuinely wants to help. I'm so glad I've started this journey!

Yvonne C.

I was in the hospital for a week last year. Not one doctor attempted to find out what was causing my issue. When I got out of the hospital, I had a consultation with Dr. Gunyan. He not only was interested to find out what the root cause of my health issue was, got right to work with finding the issues and how to deal with them. I couldn't be happier that I found Dr. Gunyan. He is not only knowledgeable about holistic medicine, but he genuinely cares about his patients and their progress. I would (and do) highly recommend Dr. Gunyan to family and friends. You will not be disappointed in his knowledge and care

Ramona P.

Listen, for 30 years I always thought that because I am a woman there were certain things that I would always have to just deal with. Cramps, bloating, breakouts, mood swings, sleep issues, headaches...these just HAVE TO HAPPEN because I a am a woman and it's part of the process. I WAS SO VERY WRONG!!!! After just a month with Dr. Gunyan, I felt changes in my routine. My sleep patterns became regular, my headaches disappeared, my mood swings diminished significantly. I'm telling you, I have told so many people about the benefits of regulating hormones and nutrition. It has been a lifesaving experience for me to talk with Dr. Gunyan and evaluate all those things that we are always told we have to deal with. It's not true!!! I haven't had ANY...get that? NONE OF THOSE symptoms are a part of my life any longer, and it is all due to Dr. Gunyan and his support and knowledge about women's health. Thank you!

Sarah S.

I've been dealing with recurring cystic acne as well as gut issues and I really want to get to the root cause rather than a band-aid approach. Dr. Gunyan is extremely passionate about what he does and truly believes in what functional medicine offers to his clients. My experience in working with Dr Gunyan and Victoria has been great. He is very informative and detailed in the care plan that is tailored to my specific journey.

Veronica F.

Had great results within a few weeks. Hot flashes and night sweats gone and no more sleep gummies to help me sleep. I hadn’t slept well in years and the gummies helped but they weren’t perfect. Now I have get great sleep 💤 So happy!

Toni M.

Road 2 Wellness is a new way of life, that has vastly improved my quality of life! I suffered an unexpected stroke at 44 yrs. old, with "good" health. But, as I began to recover I was convicted that I needed to BE healthy, and not just DO healthier things until I felt better. At 44 my total Cholesterol was over 200; HDL low 40s; Triglycerides over 150; LDL nearly 150. Now at 50 years old, with a few years of diet changes and many steps along the Road 2 Wellness, I have lost 30 pounds. I am not on any statins or BP meds, and my total Cholesterol is under 160; HDL is up; Triglycerides under 70; LDL under 100! I am thankful for Dr. Gunyan and Victoria and their encouragement and example. The tests get to the foundational issues that need fixed, and the steps are explained and laid out so that you can truly build a healthy lifestyle. I have more energy, more mental clarity, more muscle mass and am truly much more healthy! Thank you, Paul


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